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 Here Are Some Popular Questions And Answers!

How much does it cost?

Per Person

1 Game  -  $8.50

2 Games - $14.00

3 Games - $19.00


Also, keep an eye out for specials like $25 per person for 3 hours of Lazer Tag and $30 per person for 4 hours of Lazer Tag on Friday and Saturday nights. (Subject to change and availability

How long does a game of lazer tag take to play?

Each game takes approximately 20 Mins.  This includes 13 mins of actual game play along with briefing time and selecting / fitting your vest and putting your vest away after the game.

Can I get cash with my credit / debit card?

We are not able to run your credit / debit card for cash.  We also do NOT have an ATM on site.  WE recommend that you stop by one of the two banks near Lazer Force and use the ATM before you arrive. 

We hare having a birthday party of Lazer Force and we know that you have a no outside food or beverage policy.  Can we still bring cake, cupcakes, ice cream for the party?

Absolutley!  Our food and beverage policy allows for you to bring your own cake, ice cream, or similar foods to help celebrate your day.  We do ask that you abide by this policy for other items such as pizza, fast food, to go orders, delivery orders, and drinks.

How much does a birthday party cost at Lazer Force?

Our birthday party cast is based on the number of games you would like each guest to play and the number of guests.  All game guests get to enjoy Lazer Tag, soft drinks and pizza.  You can also have guests that are not playing Lazer Tag.  Each of these guests that will not play Lazer Tag can be added for $3.50 a person. Guests or family members who do not want to play or eat are free of charge.  However the number of pizzas and pitchers of soda are provided based on the number of paid guests. 

We are coming to play, is there a waiver required?  Is it available online?

Yes, we do have waivers and you fill yours out at this LINK <--Click here

Can I have a game with just my family or friends?

All games played during normal hours are played on a first come first served basis.  If you purchase a game and the only players are in your group you will be given a choice of small game play or waiting on more to players to arrive.

If you prefer to play with just your family or group we recommend coming in during a slow time such as Sunday afternoon.  Other than that we can not guarantee a private game unless you buy out a complete game ($225) or rent the location during our off hours.  ( For more information on this please see the entry below about private events)

Can my group or organization rent Lazer Force for a private event?

Yes!  Lazer Force of Joplin is available for private events, parties and group activities.  

Rentals are available at any time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As well as after hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

For $300/hr with a 2 hour minimum, you can have Lazer tag, video games and all three party rooms for your use only!